Parents speak out…

*Words cannot express how much love and gratitude my husband and I have for this magical program.  My daughter has grown in leaps since she began attending the Pond.  The staff is kind, sweet and grounding.  We look forward to returning in the fall!

*Thanks to The Pond!  I’m so grateful that my son’s first learning experience was one that was filled with kindness and nature, music and science – things of true value.  I can honestly say if I had to dream up a child’s idyllic first school experience, it would be yours.  I’m so thankful that my little boy has attended a program that includes the teaching of the way to be and why.  The songs that are taught have come home – this is a gift that will stay with him always.

*We are so thankful for everything the pond has done this year!  This was our first school experience and our only experience away from home, and it has been perfect!  I never want to leave this program !

*When we began looking for a preschool, we wanted to find a homelike place where they were loved and known and spiritually nurtured.  Tall order.  Where would I ever find someone who I trusted to teach them their first and most valuable lessons of treating all people with kindness, dignity and warmth?  Who could model and guide them with a world view I sincerely admired?  I am so grateful that you were my children’s first teacher, their first model of how people should talk and think and treat one-another and the earth.

*I can’t say enough about the kinder club pond. My daughter  started there when she was just 2 1/2 and she loves it! Mrs. G sings and plays the piano with the children and helps bring an awareness of our planet and being “green” to the next generation of kids!! I walked into the classroom the other day and they were having a discussion and demonstration on how to recycle!

*I recommend kinder club pond hands down to anyone looking to give their children a Pre- K Education that goes way beyond coloring and numbers!

* My daughter  and my son came to Kinderclub three years ago when my daughter  was just two years old. They absolutley love Mrs G..they talk about her all the time and come running out of her classroom always with a huge smile on their faces…she truely cares about her students..she is incredibly caring ,giving, and loving…and has taught my kids so many wonderful important the environment and how we can protect it…we planted a garden in our backyard two weeks ago because of Mrs. G and how she inspired our kids in wanting to see and learn how to grow things…we love her!! My children are constantly singing around the house and are playing instruments because of the teachings of Mrs. G!

*We LOVE The Kinder Club Pond. There is no other preschool like it, such a unique program. We have put 2 children through the 3’s  and we are looking forward to sending our third next year!

*The Kinderclub pond is a great place for little ones! First my daughter, and now my son have both thrived. They loved coming to school every single day, running into the classroom in the morning eager to start the day. They have been exposed to wonderful music, encouraged to express their individuality though arts, and introduced to the concepts of safeguarding the earth, taking care of all living things, all in a warm and nurturing environment. There are wonderful events planned throughout the year where children have the chance to showcase what they’re learned. This is what makes Kinder Club Pond not just a preschool, but a community.

*There are a million wonderful reasons to send your little ones to The Pond.
Mrs. G is so fabulous with young children. She makes teaching  3 year  & 4 year olds look easy and she is an expert when it comes to separation anxiety.
I’ve had two children attend her school and feel she has a gift to connect with the kids through music, yoga and the environment.
The beautiful grounds of The Pond are a major plus and the children seems to soak in all the nature that surrounds them.